News & updates


Updates: 04/12/2022


Minecraft server:

The Minecraft server has been updated to 1.19.2!

Updates: 23/06/2022


Minecraft server:

The Minecraft version of the server has been updated to 1.19!


So far everything seems to be working fine. If you do find bugs or problems on the servers regarding the update please fill out the bug report form at or submit a ticket at the #submit-a-ticket channel on our Discord.

Updates: 05/05/2022


Minecraft server:
- Fixed some bugs
- Performed some updates
- You can now ride the following pets:
- Cave Spider
- Cow
- Dolphin
- Donkey
- Goat
- Hoglin
- Horse
- Llama
- Mule
- Pig
- Sheep
- Skeleton Horse
- Trader Llama
- Zombie Horse

Updates: 05/05/2022


Minecraft server:
- Performed some updates
- Fixed the /wild command, it no longer costs money and the range is extended

Updates: 27/04/2022


Minecraft server:
- Fixed some small bugs
- Added 1000 bonus claim blocks to the Minecraft VIP package!
- Added the 'District' map to Hide and Seek! (Made by Eros35)

































- Added the 'Terminal' map to Paintball! (Made by Fronnaclus)

Updates: 17/04/2022


Minecraft server:
- Added the ability to sell Copper Ingots and Emeralds at the survival spawn
- Added the option to do /wild
- Made it impossible to push AFK players
- Disabled nametags in paintball

The Minecraft server has opened!


Today we are happy to announce that the SixCentral Minecraft server has opened. We want to thank everyone who hung out with us on the livestream and checked out the server.

We hope everyone will have a great time on the new Minecraft server.


See you there,

- The SixCentral Team

Updates: 10/04/2022


Minecraft server:
- Reset the paintball stats as the stats from last year were still there
- Added a plugin that automatically replants trees
- Pet prices have been reduced to $5000

Updates: 09/04/2022


Minecraft server:
- Fixed various issues
- Done multiple tests
- Reconfigured pets
- Updated permissions
- Updated the prices of items


- News & updates feed added
- Changed the design slightly
- Added a bug report page
- Added a shop page

Updates: 31/03/2022


Minecraft server:
- Set up the minigames world
- Set up Hide n Seek and Paintball
- Set up various maps for the minigames
- Set up the creative world
- Set up plots
- Set up portals
- Set up VIP shop
- Made the server accessible on mobile!
- Added back the lootcrates!

Updates: 29/03/2022


Minecraft server:
- Hub spawn imported
- Portal set up
- Permissions almost done
- Survival spawn imported
- Some NPC's set up
- Added 4 shops
- Added the pets plugin
- Set up multiple other, not very special, plugins
- Various tests done


- Added the @Minecraft Server Status bot back to the server with a new Minecraft themed profile picture


- Set up the basics
- Added a Discord widget
- Added a 'servers' page
- Added a livestream page
- Added a livestream mini preview on the front page
- Added a dummy login and register page and form
- Added temporary feed

Bringing back the SixCentral Minecraft server!



We've decided to bring back the Minecraft server, this time we have more resources available thanks to! This should resolve the issues we had before.

The server is currently in the works, any updates will be posted here.

Previous updates:


- Added clickable signs to Paintball Lobby to join and leave
- Added a admin help command /admin [message]
- The main spawn is made. Contains 4 portals.
- Made the shop area
- Added the shops
- configured the shops (WIP)
- Made the @Minecraft Server Status bot in Discord!
- Changed numerous texts in the server
- Setup a daily restart script. (Restart occurs every day at 2am CEST)
- Setup a daily backup script. (Backups are made every day at 3am CEST)
- Added Hide and Seek! Already tested and it works
- Made some corrections to my scripts to ensure the daily restart/backup.
- Went over permissions for the team members.
- Corrected the rules.
- Changed our Discord invite screen!
- Made a new discord image, it's now animated.
- Made numerous new emojis in the discord!
- Turned the discord into a community discord, added a welcome screen and added member screening!
- Set up join/leave messages to include the prefix and the nickname.
- Set up for the buyable VIP package.
- We added the ability to join with the Pocket Edition on the phone!
- Added the Suggester bot in Discord! Now you can type ' .suggest [suggestion] ' in the #deleted-channel chat to send a suggestion for approval!
- Plugin for sleeping is added. (30% of online players need to sleep)
- Added another book in the /vote menu that opens all links.
- Minecarts and Boats should no longer disappear when entities get cleared.
- Doors, trapdoors and gates in a claim are now locked.
- Added a sorting plugin making the following commands possible:

- Added the ability to sort your inventory by double clicking an empty slot.
- The 'Nuketown' paintball map is now live and available in the paintball lobby! (Made by SenteaK)

- Another new map! Dust II is now available in the paintball lobby! (Made by Keiser_Pega)



- Now it was also time for a new Hide and Seek map, therefore the new map 'Italy' is now live and available in the Hide and Seek lobby! (Made by: KmiseN_)

- Pets are now available for members and above! (more info on the members rank below)
We have the following pets available for purchase:
- Cat
- Pig
- Bat
- Wolf
- Mooshroom
- Donkey
- Fox
- Bee
- Chicken
- Horse
- Parrot
- Vex [VIP]
- Llama [VIP]
- Slime [VIP]
- Armor Stand [VIP]
- Snowman [VIP]
- And more!
- There is a '[Member]' rank available for purchase at the 'Server shop merchant' (previously 'Loot crate merchant'). This rank is available for IN-GAME cash and has the following benefits:
- [Member] tag in front of your name in the server! (Working on automatic discord role assignment)
- Ability to claim 4 plots instead of the default 2!
- 5000 bonus claim blocks!
- Access to the /pets menu to purchase pets!
- Ability to set 5 homes!

Due to the new member rank having the benefits that VIP has, we highered the benefits of the VIP package. The following VIP benefits were changed:
- Ability to claim 6 plots! (previously: 4)
- Ability to set 8 homes! (previously: 5)
- 10000 bonus claim blocks! (previously: none)
- Ability to purchase additional VIP pets:
*elder guardian
*armor stand
*skeleton horse
- Ability to hat your pets!
- Ability to have colored pet names!
- Doubled the money rewards in paintball
- Updated a few plugins
- Added a sitting plugin! You can now right click a stair to sit down or type /sit to sit down anywhere. (/sittoggle to enable/disable right clicking to sit down)
- Added /wild! This allows you to teleport to a random location in the survival world!