Minecraft server


Server IP:



- [Member] tag in front of your name in the server! (Working on automatic discord role assignment)
- Ability to claim 4 plots instead of the default 2!
- 5000 bonus claim blocks!
- Access to the /pets menu to purchase pets!
- Ability to set 5 homes!
This rank is available at the 'Server shop merchant' in the survival spawn.


The VIP package contains:
- A [VIP] tag in front of your name!
- A VIP role in our Discord! (Access to VIP chat and voice channel)
- Ability to claim 6 plots in the creative world and merge these, instead of the default of 2 plots!
- Ability to do /hat!
- Ability to set 8 homes in survival instead of the default 3.
- Ability to do /nick and change your name including colors!
- Ability to buy additional VIP pets:
-Elder Guardian
-Armor Stand
-Skeleton Horse
-Ability to hat your pets!
-Ability to have colored pet names!

This rank is available on the shop page!

Garry's Mod cinema server


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